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Every puzzle has a solution!!

Great voice acting, btw

Kiigen responds:

For the ones I could, I put links in the side bar for the voice actors, I sent Rina-chan an invite, but she's not so Newgroundy anymore I guess. Can't imagine why.

I'd imagine that if you wanted to make your own episodic saga, using an original Zelda story and this animation style, it would get pretty good reviews.

Ho ho ho, who wouldn't know?

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Pretty fun. Never did make it past the first level. When I have more time, I'll be sure to map the controls to my controller and try again. But I like what you got so far.

Another great entry to the series. For me, BTTC was really all that held my interest about Cuboy, and I'd been waiting forever for the sequel. Great job.

Also, are medals not working for anyone at all?

Agreed with the last guy

I don't see why angry birds ever became such a rage when there are a million games like it, for free, on sites like newgrounds and armorgames. This whole series has been a blast and I am really looking forward to another installment.

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heh... I must've been blind

I read your description, and I'm thinking... "what's wrong with B&W's music?" Then I listenened to this, and I'm like..... oh. Right.

VGSongbird responds:

Lol ^_^
Thanks for listening


This has always been a favorite of mine, and this NES mix is pretty neat. Honestly, sounds a bit like Megaman music.

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This is perfect

See, people would believe if you said you were one of the original animators of the show yourself. These over the top old cartoons like this and Courage, you can imitate perfectly. It's when you try to adapt things like Sonic and pokemon into the Rocko-esque style that I think it just stops working for you. The Harley was alright though...

It was ok

I'm with the last guy... I didn't recognize those three either

love it

im probably the least geeky guy you'll find who still has fantasies involving a sexy elf chick...

Um... hello

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